Xiaomi Youpin Knife Sharpener Easy And Safe To Tools Cuisine Outils Multitool Gadgets Utensils Grindstone Kitchen Accessories

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Xiaomi Youpin Knife Sharpener Easy And Safe To Tools Cuisine Outils Multitool Gadgets Utensils Grindstone Kitchen Accessories


Fire HUOHOUMini Knife Sharpener

Exportquality is aAs sharp as new in 30 secondsOne-handed sharpening|Easy andeffortless|Super suction

One-Handed Sharpening

Safe And Stable

HUOHOUHuohoumini knife sharpener, compact shape, stable base, ergonomic design, trulyrealize one-handed sharpening, easy and convenient.Innovativeconvenient.Innovative three kinds of material grinding wheel, so that theproblems of cutting edge, curling edge and blunt knife are all solved, savingtime and effort, and it is as sharp as new in an instant.1495754ABS Resin Body

Strong Impact Resistance

High-standardABS resin material is selected as the main body, which has excellent mechanicalproperties of toughness, hardness and rigidity, strong impact resistance, highsafety, and is light, non-toxic, easy to clean, and can be used withconfidence.1495754.PVC Suction Cup

Strong Suction, Safer And More Worry-Free

Itis suitable for smooth surfaces such as glass, granite and marble. One turn andone button, strong suction, to prevent slipping; non-slip protruding edgesurface, rejecting slippery hands, and safer to sharpen the knife.1495754Three Different Grinding Wheels

Comprehensively Solve tTheProblem oOfSharpening

Carborundum repair, tungsten steel roughgrinding, ceramic fine grinding, three different grinding wheels, cancomprehensively solve the problems of different degrees of curling, burrs, anddullness of different knives such as cleavers, kitchen knives, chef knives,fruit knives, etc.Takeetc. Takebetter care of your kitchen knives.1495754.

Emery repairKnife suitable for edgecurling

Tungsten steel rough grindingSuitable for dull knives

Ceramic fine grindingRemoval of burrs on the blade to besharperV-Shaped Sharpening Groove

Fits The Knife Body More Sharply

The V-shaped grinder groove design fullyfits the knife body, the smaller the force area, the less the separationresistance, so that all the strength is focused on the blade, making eachgrinding more powerful, only 3-5 times, less than one minute You can easilygrind a good knife.1495754Innovative Circular Design

Small aAndEasy tTo Store

Thecombination of white and gray, clean and overall, highlights the minimaliststyle of fashion, and does not have a classic temperament. Innovative circulardesign, neat and beautiful, small footprint, easy to place and store.1495754More Product Details

Washingand vVenting button

Suction cup switch indicator icon

Tooth-like anti-slip design

Trademark HUOHOU Look for the firelogo


Fixing of the sharpener: Place the sharpeneron a smooth surface, press down and then forcefully rotate the twisted belt inthe middle to the left according to the marked cutting head until you let goafter a "click", and the sharpener is fixed.1495754.

Knife sharpening operation: Put the knife intothe sharpening edge, keep the angle of the knife in the center, pull back alongthe arc of the knife edge with appropriate and even force, observe thecondition of the knife edge, generally repeat 3-5 times, can also be usedaccording to the specific It depends on the situation.1495754.

Removal of the sharpener: According to thearrow mark on the product, rotate the twisted belt in the middle to the right.After hearing a "click", lift the PVC suction cup at the bottom tocomplete the removal of the sharpener.


Product Name HUOHOU miniknife sharpenerFire minisharpener

Standard Sizes


Material Quality


1 This product is not suitable for sharpening scissors,serrated knives and ceramic knives.

2When sharpening the knife, pull back along the arc of the blade, not forward,so as not to damage the blade.

3Do not use too much force when sharpening the knife, so as not to damage theblade. 1495754.

4Do not put the sharpener in the dishwasher or water.

5Keep the sharpener and knives away from children's reach to avoidaccidents.1495754.


Brand Name : XIAOMI

Certification : NONE

Origin : CN(Origin)

Model Number : Fire mini sharpener

Size : Mini