Free Shipping x20pcs EM4305 RFID Microchip with free ICAR number 2.12*12mm LF ISO11784 ISO11785 15 digits

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Free Shipping x20pcs EM4305 RFID Microchip with free ICAR number 2.12*12mm LF ISO11784 ISO11785 15 digits


What is RFID Microchip? RFID Microchip also known as a glass transponder, is about a size of a grain of rice. The transponder which is coded with a permanent code, is implanted under the animal's skin for identification purpose. Using Radio Frequency, the animal can be identified by using a RFID scanner.

What are the benefits? 1. Unique identity for every livestock and pet. 2. Import and export control. 3. Lost pet can be easily traced back to it's owner. 4. Veterinarians are able to keep the animal's heath record. 5. Easily implanted and no impact on the animal. 6. Suitable for use in extreme conditions. 7. Coupled with software, the RFID tag is a must inmanagement of animals, either livestock or household pet.

Why are our Microchips much cheaper? 1. Factory strategically located. 2. Direct from our factory. 3. Sophisticated cost savings production process.

How we deliver superior quality Microchips? 1. Equipment and Machines imported from Germany, Japan, USA etc. 2. Strict quality control. 3. Microchip tested and inspected individually 4. Use only top quality material to manufacture microchips.

Tech specification:




ISO 11784/5 FDX-B



Chip type



256bit, 512bit, 2048bit



Housing Material


Parylene Coating

Upon request

Water Resistance



IEC 68.2.6


IEC 68.2.29

Storage Temp

(-40° to +90° C)

Operating Temp

(-25° to +85° C)

Peak Temp

120° C, 100 h;  140° C, 10 h


2 years


ICAR Certificate 15 digital numbers (example:900113000000001)


Note: The default number range of this product is 15 digital ICAR number (e.g : 900113000000001). Other 15 digital numbers also can be encoding on your request. (please mark the chip number when ordering)


Model Number : FRD-LF-GT1

Recognition Mode : Read-write

Read Range : depends on reader and environment

Contours : ISO Card

Brand Name : FAREAD

Chip Capacity : 256bit, 512bit, 2048bit

Power : Passive Card

Size : 2.12*12MM

Chip Type : EM 4305

Frequency : 134.2KHZ/125KHz

Standard : ISO11784/5

Certification : ICAR

Application : Animal identification

Format : FDX-B