100V100A Ideal Diode Solar Backflow Prevention Charging Backflow Protection High Voltage and Low Resistance

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100V100A Ideal Diode Solar Backflow Prevention Charging Backflow Protection High Voltage and Low Resistance


Type 1: 4MOS-0.375 milliohm internal resistance (single module) Type 2: 4MOS waterproof potting module (special for explosion modification)

Introduction to Ideal Diode:

1. Positive high voltage ideal diode controller. Compared with Schottky diodes, this can provide a lower loss path, and in high-power applications, this can provide a more efficient solution, and save valuable circuits by reducing the need for heat dissipation Board space.

2. Principle of ideal diode:

The input and output are equivalent to diodes. When the output voltage is greater than the input, the output will be turned off immediately, and the detection value is in the millivolt level, and the response speed is very fast. Purpose: To replace ordinary high-current diodes, ideal for parallel connection of solar panels, parallel use of batteries of different capacities, suitable for charging reverse irrigation protection.


3. Performance introduction:

Allowable working voltage range: 9-80V

Quiescent operating current: 0.6-1.5 mA, which is insignificant for the entire system.

1. This version is already an improved version, and the module will not burn if the positive and negative poles are reversed! Greatly improve the installation safety performance!

2. The ideal diode is a diode with ultra-low internal resistance as the name implies. The conduction voltage drop of ordinary diodes is above 0.6V, and the conduction voltage drop of ideal diodes is almost negligible.

3. Ideal diodes cannot be used in rectifier circuits!


4. The shopping options are as follows: ★4MOS-0.375 milliohm internal resistance (single module)


Continuous working current 80A (without heat dissipation) within 60 degrees, back-attached large-area heat sink, forced air-cooled heat dissipation 150A, circuit board size: 55*50mm, screw hole diameter 3mm

★4MOS waterproof potting module (continuous 100A stable work):   The lead length is: red wire 8AWG (8.5 square pure copper silicone wire) 40CM*2, black wire 14AWG (1.5 square pure copper silicone wire) 40CM*1

Thicker radiator, higher heat dissipation efficiency, lower continuous current heating, suitable for modification enthusiasts!




We insist on using original brand new Infineon Technologies for high pressure100V MOSTube,Break over the internal resistance is only1.5Milliohms!


The actual test: