BD 14.4V 1.5AH Battery Pack Rechargeable Replacement Model: BL1114 BL1314 BL1514

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BD 14.4V 1.5AH Battery Pack Rechargeable Replacement Model: BL1114 BL1314 BL1514


Product name:BD 14.4V battery pack

Voltage:3.6V Capacity:1500mAh Power:21.6wH Cell type:li ion Number of batteries:4 Product color:black Applicable battery model:BL1114 BL1314 BL1514 BL1514-XJ LB16 LBX16 Attributes: BD 14.4V 18650 lithium battery BD 14.4V battery BD battery 14.4V


Please rest assured to use Black Decker 14.4V cordless tool battery pack with high capacity, high rate 18650 lithium battery pack,Because we use A-grade high-rate batteries, which can work normally in harsh environments of +40°/ -1°C (+128°F/-63°F), the working time and efficiency are longer, and we guarantee the capacity The label is consistent with the real capacity of the product. Don’t compare the price with other fake capacity labels and our real capacity labels. Now many unscrupulous merchants on the Internet use disassembled second-hand batteries or fake labels to deceive buyers. We process and ship directly from the factory. Yes, refuse to use false labels to deceive buyers. Our products are a bit more expensive, but every penny you spend is worth it


Size:18650 Battery Type:Li-ion Nominal Voltage:3.6V Typical Capacity:1500mAh Diameter:18mm Height:65mm Weight(Approximately):45g The product uses high-rate and high-quality li ion batteries,with long battery cycle life,no memory effect,environmental protection and pollution-free,wide temperature range of use,and good safety performance.


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Disclaimer and security risks

1. It is forbidden to use the battery exceeding the rated power of the battery,and it is strictly prohibited to short-circuit the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. 2. It is forbidden to charge continuously for more than 24 hours. 3. It is forbidden to throw the battery pack into water. 4. It is forbidden to throw the battery pack into the fire. 5. It is forbidden to throw battery packs at high altitude to prevent damage. 6. It is prohibited to disassemble by yourself. 7. It is forbidden to use it in rainy days to prevent the battery from short-circuiting. 8. Try not to charge at night. Flammable and corrosive items are strictly prohibited around the battery during charging. 9. Persons under 18 years of age are prohibited from using and buying 10. If you are satisfied with our products,please give us a five-star praise,and we will thank you very much. 11.If you have any questions,please contact our customer service in time. We will contact you as soon as we see the information. Please do not initiate disputes at will. The results we handle are absolutely satisfactory to you


Brand Name : Xiefz

Certification : NONE

Origin : CN(Origin)

Weight : 310GB

Size : 101mm*76.5mm* 47.2mm

Model Number : BD 14.4Cs

Nominal Capacity : 1500

Type : Li-Ion

Voltage : 3.6