Transfer of MTS tariff to MTS personal tariff

RUB 2290.80RUB 2490.00

Transfer of MTS tariff to MTS personal tariff


Transition from MTS tariff to MTS person tariff


We inform you that we connect these tariffs to your current MTS number.


The cost of connection-2490 rubles.

Time to-Up to 8 working days.


The connection:

Write to us on WhatsApp + 7-963-171-75-40 with markup-MTS person.

We throw the form, it needs to be filled, then we need to pay for the service and close the deal.


Next, we'll give you to MTS manager,WhichWill contact and explain in detail what and how to do.

Follow all instructions and within 8 days receive the tariff. We keep the process under control all these days and until the end of the transition is always in touch and then too😉


It is important that your number is in MTS for at least 3 months and does not have a corporate binding.


To connect, you need to fill in the form:

1. phone number


3. city and region registration rooms

3. Series and passport number (if the SIM card was issued on the old passport, you need to update passport data in MTS)

4. name of plug-in tariff

5. if the number has moved from another operator, then specify where it was.


Calls and SMS.

The package of minutes extends to any city and mobile numbers throughout Russia. All incoming calls are free.

SMS messages are consumed from the package when sent to any mobile number of Russia.

The Internet.

On all versions of the tariff is provided unlimited Internet. There are no traffic and speed restrictions.

The tariff can be used as an access point. You can give out WI-FI for free belimit.

Tariff in trips in Russia.

A package of minutes and SMS acts the same at home and on trips in Russia. Unlimited Internet works on trips in Russia.

In the Republic of Crimea and the City Sevastopol has special tariff conditions.

Activation takes place from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 pm. We try to answer your messages as quickly as possible, but sometimes we have to wait... We will surely reply!

Registration occurs only for subscribers who have reached 18 years!

For all questions, write to our WhatsApp/Viber by phone + 7(963)171-75-40


Brand Name : MTS

Product Type : Sim Cards

Origin : RU(Origin)

Model Number : MTS

For the transition, write to vatsap : 8-963-171-75-40

Time to : To 8 working days

Package A : On any numbers in Russia

Online : Unlimited

Traffic and speed restrictions : No.

Give the WI-FI : Free unlimited

Crimea and in Sevastopol : Special conditions charging

Read more information below : In description to the goods