TV Lamps Kit LED Backlight Strips For DEXP F32C7100B/W H32D7100C 32 FHD LED Bars Bands GC32D09-ZC14F-05 Rulers 303GC315037 Lanes

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TV Lamps Kit LED Backlight Strips For DEXP F32C7100B/W H32D7100C 32 FHD LED Bars Bands GC32D09-ZC14F-05 Rulers 303GC315037 Lanes


Things to know before buying

The TV model can only be used as a reference, and the TV model may not be accurate. Because the same TV (but different production batches or different production areas) may use different light bars. You can buy it only after you open the TV shell and confirm that the backlight strip's model code, connector shape, length of the strip and other parameters are consistent with what we provide, otherwise we will not be responsible for this if you only base on the TV model. This is the particularity of the electronic accessories industry, I hope customers can understand.

TV Lamps Kit LED Backlight Strips For DEXP H32D7100C F32C7100B/W 32 FHD" LED Bars Bands GC32D09-ZC14F-0 Rulers 303GC315037 Lanes

This backlight strip is factory-customized and its interface shape and voltage are identical to the original. We offer a 90-day warranty. Double-sided adhesive on the back for easier installation

Number on the light bar

If you have already taken apart your TV, we recommend that you compare the numbers on the light bar with what we have provided, and if they are consistent, you could purchase it. If inconsistent, you could get help by contacting us. Because the same light bar may have different Strip number: 303GC315037 GC32D09-ZC14F-05 2014-10-09

Applicable TV model

The following TV models are for reference only For DEXP F32C7100B/W H32D7100C 32inches

Backlight strip production information

1.Consistent with the original, Brand New, no need to modify it, easy to install 2.Long operating life, typically lasting over 100,000 hours 3.Brightness is consistent with the original, brightness up to 700 nits 4.Product length: 622.0 mm( length) * 18.0 mm (width) * 1.0 mm (height) , 9 LED Lamps 5.Single LED lamp voltage: 3V,

Packaging and logistics

Package: PVC Plastic pipe or cardboard packaging (it will be safer during transportation) Product contains: 3 piece / Set (1 set for 1 TV) Logistics information could be tracked


1.Because the product will be upgraded, there would may be a little difference between the picture and the goods that you received. But we promise the connector and function will the same as our description. 2.the price is for the set, in order to avoid the color difference of the display after replacement (because the brightness of the old Backlight Lamp strip will be reduced), we recommend that you purchase a complete set. 3.We recommend that lowering your TV's "brightness" or "backlight" setting by 20-25% before installation to reduce risk of repeat failure. 4.Please do not sign the goods if the package is damaged. 5.In order to avoid your loss, please contact us if you have problems during the installation process or other problems with the goods.

Service and FAQs

Q1: What are the common symptoms of LED Backlight failure? A1: Symptoms can include but are not limited to: Sound but no picture, Faint image on the screen (can be seen with a torch) , Flashing / pulsating screen, Flashing standby light, Tripping, Dark / light patches on screen and/or Rings on screen. Other parts within the tv can cause similar faults but these are the common ones we see. It is advised to get your TV diagnosed properly by a trained professional before ordering any parts. Power supplies can also cause a no backlight fault! Q2: How do I test my LED Bars? A2: D.C. voltage can be used to test most LED strips on the test points. Alternatively, we stock a specially designed LED tester which requires no electronics experience to use Q3: What should I do if my product is not suitable for my monitor / TV? A3: We could resend the correct product to you if it is caused by our mistakes. However, you need to pay attention to whether your model is the same as the model for this product. We recommend that you contact us if you are not sure if the product is suitable for your monitor. As long as the part has not been fitted, we accept returns. Return postage will be at the buyers cost Q4: Do you offer trade discount? A4:Yes, please contact us about trade benifits Q5: What should I do if the goods are damaged during the warranty period? A5: In the case of non-human damage, we would send you new parts for free. If it is caused by human reasons, we are not responsible for the warranty, but we could offer you a discount if you are willing to buy again.


Origin : CN(Origin)

Model Number : GC32D09-ZC14F-05 2014-10-09 303GC315037

Goods status : Brand New, consistent with the original

Material : Aluminum circuit board, high quality LED lamp bead, HD lens

Applicable TV brand ans Size : For DEXP 32 inch

Applicable Television models : F32C7100B/W H32D7100C

LED illumination Strip number : 303GC315037

LED Rulers Straps : GC32D09-ZC14F-05 2014-10-09

LED Line Bulbs tapes : Shine0n 2D02106 Rev.A

Screen model array matrix : BOEI320WU1