4 Pieces 4.5m Length Athletic Wrap Tape Elastic Breathable Athletic Wrap Bandage Self Adhesive Sports Safety Elastoplast Tape

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4 Pieces 4.5m Length Athletic Wrap Tape Elastic Breathable Athletic Wrap Bandage Self Adhesive Sports Safety Elastoplast Tape

Note: 4 Pieces Including: 2.5cm +5cm +7.5cm +10cm (4 pieces in total) Specifications: 2.5cm * 4.5m;5cm * 4.5m;7.5cm * 4.5m;10cm * 4.5m(4.5m is the tensile length) Material: 95% non-woven fabric; 5% spandex silk. Packaging method: pp Film Independent packaging Elastic ratio: 1:2.2 This bandage has a self-adhesive function, which can be directly pasted by directly covering the first layer of bandage. It is suitable for the whole body and is the first choice for outdoor camouflage hunting.  Function: It has a wide range of uses. Various benefits of this bandage can be felt by external bandaging of various parts of the body, field training, trauma first aid, pet bandaging, running, fitness, yoga, playing ball, etc. It can pressurize and stabilize the ankle joint, and tighten the skin at the same time to reduce the impact on muscles. It is the most convenient and practical for both immediate braking after injury and auxiliary fixation in rehabilitation. Advantages:High elasticity, unrestricted movement of the joint part after use, no shrinkage, no obstruction of blood circulation or displacement of the joint part material breathable well, no condensation of water vapor on the wound, easy to carry. Features:Convenient to use, beautiful and elegant, suitable pressure, good air permeability, not easy to infect, rapid bandaging, no allergy phenomenon. Precautions: 1: keep the skin clean and dry before use, and do not touch the wound directly. 2: do not tighten too much to maintain a good and comfortable protection effect without affecting the flexibility in exercise. 3: The bandage used at the end of the bandage movement should not be stretched hard to prevent the bandage from taking off due to excessive tension. 4: Do not pull hard when removing the sticker. It is recommended to tear it slowly and gradually. Does not stick to skin and hair undefined The Elastic ratio exceeds 2.2 times undefined Dehumidifying, protecting skin comfortable and breathable   undefined Can be torn apart by hand, convenient and fast

Origin : CN(Origin)

Material : Non-woven

Model Number : Elastoplast

The Use : Hiking, Mountaineering, Shooting, Sports, Fitness, Dressings, All

Color : White, Yellow, Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Black, Color, Pink, Light Blu

Specifications : 2.5cm*4.5m,5cm*4.5m,7.5cm*4.5m,10cm*4.5m,15cm*4.5m

The Main Material : The Non-Woven Fabric

Main Sales Regions : Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Oceania, Antarctic

The Protection Site : Waist, Elbow, Ankle, Head, Wrist, Shoulder, Knee, Calf, hand

Category : Combination Sports Protectors