4/8pcs Lot Network ONU HG8245 EPON GPON OLT 4FE 4GE +WIFI +2Ports USB Cost-effective secondhand FTTH Modem Router Terminal

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4/8pcs Lot Network ONU HG8245 EPON GPON OLT 4FE 4GE +WIFI +2Ports USB Cost-effective secondhand FTTH Modem Router Terminal


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5pcs/Lot Free shipping Refurbished EPON GPON oNU HG8245 4FE 4GE +WIFI+ 2Ports Tel USB Terminal Modem Router ONT Eng system

PRODUCT Overview


  • Date of Production: HUAWEI HG8245 4FE/4GE , Secondhand Refurbished 

  • Normally , the ONU will running stablely many years without any issue. 

  • This ONU appearance is around 80%  new (Nearly new ), function totally normal and available. If you are mind the appearnce , pls contact with us and make more confirmation.

  • Testing will be doing again to Confirm function OK before packaging and shipping out. 

  • Any quality problem of the product function itself as you received, contact us for free replacement.

  • For Power adaptor , pls contact us for US/EU/UK/AU type confirmation.

Model selections:

HUAWEI HG8245 EPON 4FE+WIFI    x5pcs




The HG8245, an optical network terminal (ONT), is a high-end home gateway in FTTH solution. By using the GPON technology, ultra-broadband access is provided for home and SOHO users. The HG8245 provides two POTS ports, four GE/FE auto-adapting Ethernet ports and one Wi-Fi port. The HG8245 features high-performance forwarding capabilities to ensure excellent experience with VoIP, Internet and HD video services. Therefore, the HG8245 provides a perfect terminal solution and future-oriented service supporting capabilities for FTTH deployment.



GPON features

Class B+ optical module

Security authentication mode: SN, password or SN+password

Upstream/downstream FEC

Voice features

SIP and H.248 protocols

Media stream and signaling stream separation

Multicast features

IGMP V2&V3 snooping/IGMP proxy

Wi-Fi features

802.11b/g/n, certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance

Routing features

NAT function

Internet, IPTV and VoIP services are automatically bound to ONT ports

Virtual server, port trigger, DMZ, and DDNS

Maintenance features

Local management using Web and remote management using TR069 and OMCI

Optical power monitoring

802.1ag Ethernet OAM

Loop-line test of POTS ports , call emulation and PPPoE dialup emulation

Reliability features

Dual systems for software protection

Type B protection and rogue ONT detection

Lithium battery backup and backup battery monitoring

Green energy-saving features

Dynamic power consumption adjustment

With a backup battery, the guaranteed services can be selected flexibly

Product Highlight:

Plug-and-play (PnP): Internet, IPTV and VoIP services can be deployed by one click on the NMS and on-site configuration is not required.

Remote diagnosis: Remote fault locating is implemented by the loop-line test of POTS ports, call emulation and PPPoE dialup emulation initiated by the NMS.

Link monitoring: E2E link detection is achieved using 802.1ag Ethernet OAM.

High speed forwarding: GE line rate forwarding in the bridging scenario and 900 Mbit/s forwarding in the NAT scenario.

Green energy-saving: 25% power consumption is saved with highly integrated system on chipset (SOC) solution, in which, a single chip integrates with PON, voice, gateway and LSW modules.


Dimensions (W x D x H)

195 mm × 174 mm × 34 mm


2POTS + 4GE + 1USB +   1Wi-Fi

Average power   consumption

8 W

Operating environment   Temperature



5%–95%, non-condensing

Power supply Adapter   input

100–240 V AC, 50–60Hz

Adapter output

11–14 V DC, 2 A


About 550g (including   the power adapter)

Huawei FTTH Application

Difference Between Gpon and Epon?

 1. EPON and GPON adopt different standards. It can be said that GPON is a more advanced point, which can transmit larger bandwidth and can bring more users than EPON. GPON originated from the early APON\BPON technology of optical fiber communication, and developed from this, the ATM frame format is used to transmit the code stream. The E of EPON refers to the interconnected Ethernet, so when EPON was born, it was required to be able to directly and seamlessly connect with the Internet, so the code stream of EPON follows the frame format of Ethernet. Of course, in order to adapt to the transmission on the optical fiber, a layer of EPON-defined frame format is wrapped outside the frame of the Ethernet frame format.

 2. The EPON standard is IEEE’s 802.3ah. The basic principle of the IEEE’s formulation of the EPON standard is to try to standardize EPON within the 802.3 architecture, and to minimize the expansion of the standard Ethernet MAC protocol.

 3. The GPON standard is the ITU-TG.984 series of standards. The formulation of the GPON standard takes into account the support for traditional TDM services, and continues to adopt a 125ms fixed frame structure to maintain 8K timing continuity. In order to support multiple protocols such as ATM, GPON has defined a new encapsulation structure GEM: GPONEncapsulaTIonMethod. You can mix and encapsulate data from ATM and other protocols into frames.

   4. In terms of application, GPON has larger bandwidth than EPON. Its service carrying capacity is more efficient, and its optical splitting ability is stronger. It can transmit larger bandwidth services and achieve more user access. It pays more attention to multi-service and QoS guarantee, but it is more Complicated, this causes its cost to be higher than EPON, but with the large-scale deployment of GPON technology, the cost difference between GPON and EPON is gradually shrinking.

 5. GPON and EPON protocol stack comparison

 EPON and GPON have their own merits. GPON is superior to EPON in terms of performance indicators. However, EPON has advantages in time and cost. GPON is catching up. Looking forward to the future broadband access market, it may not be who replaces others. It should be coexistence and complementarity. For customers with high bandwidth, multi-service, QoS and security requirements, and ATM technology as the backbone network, GPON will be more suitable. As for customer groups that are cost-sensitive, QoS, and security are not high, EPON has become the dominant one.


PON FTTH Solutions 

FTTH, fiber-to-the-home, uses fiber as the transmission medium to provide users with higher bandwidth to meet diversified voice, video, and data service needs. It will gradually replace other copper cable access technologies. PON (Passive Optical Network) refers to a passive device from the central office to the user end without any active equipment. This technology is recognized as the best FTTH access technology in the industry because of its high bandwidth and network stability. , Convenient management and maintenance, low cost and other advantages, has been unanimously recognized by major operators around the world, and is currently the preferred solution for access networks.

Introduction to PON access technology and standards

PON (Passive Optical Network) is a P2MP (point to multiple point) network system. It is composed of OLT (Optical Link Terminal), ODN (Optical Distribution Network), and ONU (Optical Network Unit). The network structure is as follows Figure.


The PON network uses WDM technology to realize the transmission of upstream and downstream optical signals on the same optical fiber. The wavelength of the downstream optical signal is 1490 nm and the wavelength of the upstream optical signal is 1310 nm. Data transmission uses downlink broadcast and uplink time division multiplexing (TDM) technology to complete point-to-multipoint communication.

At present, the mainstream solutions of PON access network include GPON (Gigabit-Capable PON) and EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network). PON standardization organization IEEE, ITU-T/FSAN respectively conduct research on EPON and GPON technology and output related standards.

FTTH solutions 


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Brand Name : Joinwit

Certification : EPA

Origin : CN(Origin)

Compatible : Ciena

Fiber Type : Single Mode

Connector Type : SC/UPC

Size : ONT

Model Number : HG8245 4FE 4GE +WIFI

Application : FTTH FTTB FTTX Network

Power supply : EU, US, UK, AU,