Weighted Hu La Hoop For Adults, Smart Fitness Hu La Hoop For Adults Exercise Antistress Relief Figet Toy Sensory Toy For Kids

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Weighted Hu La Hoop For Adults, Smart Fitness Hu La Hoop For Adults Exercise Antistress Relief Figet Toy Sensory Toy For Kids


Weighted Hu la Hoop for Adults, Smart Fitness Hu la Hoop for Adults Exercise, 2 in 1 Abdominal Massage/Fitness/Weight Loss Hu la Hoop for Women,Detachable, Adjustable Size 41.33''
       1.【Upgrade Version Non-Dropping Hu la Hoop】:Compared with the traditional Hu la hoop, the upgraded smart Hu la hoop is easier to use and will never fall, even the beginners can use it. This fitness gear trims your waistline without torturing your hips. And the best thing is this Hu la hoop can be strapped so you won't get bruised during workouts. With the help of the soft gravity ball, you can now perform Hu la hoop goals every day without spending a lot of effort and time.【Air Shipping:8-16days】  2.【2 in 1 Fitness and Massage】:Made of hard ABS plastic to prevent equipment aging. smooth interface to ensure the comfort and safety of the waist and abdomen during use. Smart Hoo la hoop can quickly consume body fat and eliminate fatigue; Physical fatigue will also disappear soon and relieve the labor pain in the lower back who have been sitting for a long time. One product, two functions: side exercise, side massage. Fat burning faster 2-3 times than the normal Hu la hoop.  3.【Quiet Bearings Make Your Movement More Comfortable】:3 set upgraded 360-degree silent rollers can even and flexible rotate, making the smaller noise and smoother rotation. With this comfortable experience, we recommend you exercise 30 minutes per day for 5 days; then you can burn up to 800 calories each time! These smart circles can not only burn body fat quickly, but also help you achieve your ideal figure.  4.【Detachable Design Fits All Shapes Body】: Consisting of 21 detachable parts and the interface is buckled.It can be split and reorganized to adjust the waist until it fits the Hoo la hoop. you can adjust the Hu la hoop according to your waistline.The maximum waist is 105cm/41.33inches. The weighted smart Hu a hoop for exercise can be adjusted to 16(suit for(31.49'') to 21(41.33'') sections according to the waist which fits all sizes and shapes.The sections are easily detached & easy to store.  5.【Wide Application for Various People】:Almost suitable for all adults and kids but not the elderly or baby. Suitable for people who need to lose weight/abdominal fat/mothers/office workers/students after birth. Before exercising, ensure the Hoo la hoop linking done and wear the close-fitting clothes; When exercising, pay attention to the swing range of the weight ball to avoid touching others or the furnitures. At the same time, it should not be too heavy when it is used for the first time.    Feature:    1.These intelligent Hu la hoops can not only quickly burn body fat, but also help achieve an ideal figure. They can also massage your waist to help you relax.    2.Fitness and Massage:Smart Hu la hoop can quickly consume body fat and eliminate fatigue, you will get the ideal figure. At the same time, for those who have been sitting at home in the office for a long time, you must use this product if you feel backache. You can not only get exercise but also massage your waist to achieve a relaxed state.    3.Free Adjustment of 21 Sections: In total, there are 21 sections of the intelligent hoop with a magnetic buckle that can be freely put together to fit your own waist size.    4.Weighted Smart Hoo la Hoop Exercise for Adults Beginner    ✦ All-round thin 360 degree body: the intelligent hoop burns fat three times faster than a normal hoop.    ✦ If you do 30 minutes, five times a week, you can burn 800 calories.    ✦ Beautiful waist pulls into the stomach / thin leg beautiful leg / slim arm / tight hips, it is a good partner for a thin body. Thin waist and stomach make your figure more perfect    Suitable for Various People:    ✦ Suitable for people who need to lose weight / belly fat / mums after birth / office workers / students.    ✦ Removable, easy to carry, exercise anytime and anywhere, without being subject to the restrictions of where you are.    About the Size:    ✦ Adjustable range: 21 sections(each section is approximately 5.5cm).    ✦ 16 Knots: <80cm/31.49inch.    ✦ 19 Knots: <90cm/35.43inch.    ✦ 21 Knots: <105cm/41.33inch.    Read Carefully before Exercise    1. As fitness hoop is an aerobic exercise that consumes calories, it is recommended to use it for more than 30 minutes, to get a better effect of weight loss.    2. Do not exercise before meals.    3. Do not put the fitness hoop on your neck.


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