Micro spring reset sensor, linear displacement sensor / ruler / KTRA-20MM common type resistor

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Micro spring reset sensor, linear displacement sensor / ruler / KTRA-20MM common type resistor






Micro spring reset type linear displacement sensor series, the effective stroke of 10mm ~ 150mm, must buffer stroke 3mm, accuracy of 0.1% ~ 0.06%FS. The built-in conductive plastic synthetic model measurement unit, has the function of automatic electrical grounding. There is a direct line and five core plug socket to output the two choices. Pulley ball head, pointed with automatic function of 0.5mm, the allowable limit movement speed can reach 10m/s.
The structural design of the sensor is clever, with double the mounting bracket, without the help of other accessories can be installed.
The inner structure of the sensor surface through special treatment, so as to solve the problem of unstable signal.
Sensor circuit board general downward installation, avoid the influence of small debris particles, a sensor is directly arranged in some places with inconvenient, can choose the way of fixing clamp, and then simply put sensor buckle.
The product is used for the most common occasions, especially suitable for narrow space to install occasions, such as an aircraft steering, shoe-making machinery (machine before help, help after the machines), thimble control injection molding machine, printing machinery, paper packing machinery etc..
The sensor has obtained CE certification authority, in the absence of damage scenarios can be guaranteed for two years.
The standard effective range:
510255075100125150 (MM)
Characteristics: long service life, the number of runs up to 5 ten million times.
Linear excellent
Resolution 0.01-0.1MM
The standard mounting bracket, shield wire 1 meters (1 power leads to the 2 signal output power is 3 minus 4 shielding) easy to use.


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Model Number : KTRA-20MM

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