1000W ZVS Low Voltage Induction Heating Board Module/Tesla Voil + coil 12v-48V

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1000W ZVS Low Voltage Induction Heating Board Module/Tesla Voil + coil 12v-48V



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  • Features: 12-48V low voltage power supply Rated current:20A Rated power:1000W, the bigger voltage, the higher power. We tested when it works 53V power supply, current can reach 30A.It can be used for DIY players to make small parts quenching, annealing and other heat treatment, heating fast, very convenient. 24V input and no load current is about 3A 48V input and no load current is about 6A The higher voltage, the higher current when heating the same things, the effect is better, but at the same time heating is also higher, therefore the choice of input voltage is based on your need. Such as heating under 1cm square small objects, use the 24 v voltage. buyer need self-provided power and water cooling device When made with switch power supply, because of the high power generally has function of soft start, namely just powered on the output voltage is slowly rising, while if before the voltage up to 12v connected induction heating circuit, will not work and burn MOS tube. So voltage reaches more than 12 v connected induction heating circuit. The volume of heated objects cannot be more than 1/10 of the heating coil internal volume (that is, the heating cylinder diameter more than 1/3 heating coil diameter), otherwise it may because of overload and burned circuit or the power supply. Although this circuit can tolerate 30A input current, but the insurance for the purpose of work not more than 20A. This circuit can do induction heating, or replace copper tube with high frequency transformer, it will be a powerful inverter  
  • Package Contents 100% Brand New  1pcs 1000W ZVS Low Voltage Induction Heating Board Module/Tesla Voil 12-48V 20A



Rated current: : 20A

Rated power: : 1000W

more than : 20A

when it works : 53V

Usage : Laptop

Model Number : OEM

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