FOR UVB Lamp PL-S 9 W / 01/2 P 9 W Narrow Band 311nm PLS9W / 01 / 2P Phototherapy Psoriasis For Vitiligo 110V 220V Kit

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FOR UVB Lamp PL-S 9 W / 01/2 P 9 W Narrow Band 311nm PLS9W / 01 / 2P Phototherapy Psoriasis For Vitiligo 110V 220V Kit


FOR UVB Lamp PL-S 9 W / 01/2 P 9 W  Narrow Band 311nm  PLS9W / 01 / 2P Phototherapy Psoriasis For Vitiligo

This lamp works With Both The voltage 220v/110V , the plug in the package is US Standard , if your location is EU/UK Standard, please make an order for the Convertor !!!


How to use UVB lamps correctly and simply for vitiligo patients


I often meet patients in the clinic with UVB treatment lights, or take instructions to ask how to use, even

Some patients were consulted by UVB. Talk about some of my own experiences today. For UVB violet

The instructions for the external light, generally have a dose reference table, etc., but you may not always understand, and

Skin lesions in different parts of the body are not as resistant to ultraviolet light, so tell everyone a simple


1. When using UVB for the first time, first use low dose (you can use time to control), you can start from 20 seconds each time, once a day. For three consecutive days, there is no significant change in local skin lesions, which can be added for 30 seconds, and so on. After 3 days of exposure to a certain dose, the lesion is red, and the dose can be confirmed as the lowest therapeutic dose. The dose is irradiated once every other day to keep the local skin lesions slightly pink. When the dose is irradiated for a period of time, the pink color of the local skin lesions is gradually reduced, and the dose can be further increased, for example, for 10 seconds. Keep the local skin lesions always pink.


2. The skin lesions of different parts are different in tolerance to UVB, so the treatment dose of skin lesions may be different for each part. For example, the skin lesions of the trunk may be red and uncomfortable for 30 seconds at the beginning, but the hands of the same patient. Skin lesions may not change for 2 minutes; the left hip lesion of the same patient is red for 30 seconds, and the right 30 seconds does not necessarily respond, so you should try to find out the minimum therapeutic dose for each lesion. And write it down.


3, must be protected in the UVB irradiation, because the fundus also contains pigment cells, UV radiation will cause vision loss, you can generally wear the eyes.


4. It is best not to illuminate some special parts, such as vulva, female breasts, etc.


5, because UVB irradiation can cause normal melanocyte function, produce more melanin particles, and make the skin color black, it is recommended that you can protect the skin around the skin lesions before UVB, can be on clothes or cloth Cut a hole (requires the edge of the hole to be 0.5 cm larger than the edge of the skin lesion). Change the clothes with holes each time you shine or cover them with a cloth with holes. Once the normal skin is covered with cloth or clothes, it must be covered every time in the future treatment to avoid causing normal skin damage around.


6, once the local skin lesions are swollen by UVB, do not be nervous. Hormone ointment can be used externally to relieve symptoms. If it is a big bubble, it can be disinfected and released. If you are not sure you can find your doctor, ask him to help you.


7. For the development of vitiligo, it is generally recommended to use UVB cautiously, or use it under the guidance of your supervisor. The above is my clinical experience and I am willing to bring benefits to your treatment.

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