Patrol New Anti-fall Waterproof Rfid Guard Tour Patrol System Free 10 Guard Tour Checkpoints 2 Tags

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Patrol New Anti-fall Waterproof Rfid Guard Tour Patrol System Free 10 Guard Tour Checkpoints 2 Tags




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Automatic reading waterproof ID Card active guard tour guard patrol system

Note:Dear we will put battery inside the device to you,as now any Postal packets can't support to send Supporting battery.

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The need for industrial applications

With the development and progress of society, all walks of life have become increasingly demanding on the management of standardized, scientific, data-based. A variety of safety incidents over the past number of staff and posts dereliction of duty, thinking mind can not be separated from paralysis of chance is absent, the proportion of such accidents account for about 80%, so the use of more advanced sensors of international intelligent data management system is the elimination of all kinds of effective measures of risk.  Application of the project areas Railway: Maintenance, Electrical works, Water, Electricity, Vehicle Inspection  Oilfield: Pipeline, Regular maintenance inspection of oil wells and equipment  Post: Letter-box open, Cars and trips mail route frequency / time-frame management  Telecom: Distribution boxes, Lines, Engine room, Cable, Maintenance inspection of telephone booths  Mobile: the launch base station, Control tower, Periodic maintenance inspection room  Electricity: High-voltage lines, Transformers, Power plants and look-up table meter inspection Grain: Grain silos, Fire security patrol Army: Arsenal, Munitions Logistics Library, Post inspection  Property: Residential security inspection, Hotel building inspection Patrol, prison management and other security patrol Inspection of large-scale industrial and mining equipment and the production process  Museums, libraries, heritage conservation areas, flora and fauna of protected areas, forestry areas regular inspection management.  

Application show:

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Brand Name : Hinahome

Model Number : 801U

Card Type : 125kHz EM ID Card

Influence Distance : 1-5cm

Read Times : 100 thousands

Power : 3.7V Lithium Batteries

Working Temp : -50°C-+90°C

Instruction Mode : LED+ Vibration+ Beep

Dimension : 150mm*26mm

The weight of patrol : 130g

Waterpfoof : yes

Software : English

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