Wifi GSM PSTN Alarm System Wireless & Wired Detectors Alarm Smart Home Relay Output APP English/Russian/Spanish/France/Italian

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Wifi GSM PSTN Alarm System Wireless & Wired Detectors Alarm Smart Home Relay Output APP English/Russian/Spanish/France/Italian

Wifi GSM PSTN Alarm System Wireless & Wired Detectors Alarm
Smart Home Relay Output APP English/Russian/Spanish/France/Italian
1. (WPG alarm host) 6 languages voice to choose: English Russian,  Spanish,  French,  Italian,  Polish
2. (WPG alarm host)The manual book only support English, Russian & Spanish recently. Other language manual book is in translating. ​
3. We  can offer EU / AU / US / UK power plug,  please leave message if you need change the power adapter. 
4. (Wifi Camera) The wifi camera  manual book is English, the camera app support English,  Russian,  Spanish,  French,  Italian,  Polish. and more... 
5. If you want to get more detail information, please tell me your email, and I will send the "PDF Manual" to your email in 10 hours.
WPG wifi pstn GSM alarm system
home alarm system
WPG home security alarm system WIFI GSM PSTN
  • WiFi+ GSM +PSTN home alarm system with LCD display.
  • 99 wireless zones + 4 wired zones.
  • 4 groups alarm phone call No. +3 groups SMS phone No.
  • Android + IOS APP application easy to control.
  • Free alarm push via mobile App through WIFI network. For example: Alarm.
  • Panel battery low or Wifi OFF, App alarm push will remind user.
  • Accessory low battery SMS Sent.
  • When AC power disconnect or accessories battery is low.
  • There will have alarm information promptly pushed to the user’s phone.
  • Zone name can be modified by users.
  • Work with IP Camera, the IP Camera APP integrated in the alarm panel APP.
  • User can view the IP Camera by phone.
  • 10-second voice message recording.
smail home family
Support Andriod and IOS APP control, you can control the alarm host by your phone app. 
APP controller -
Back-up rechargeable battery, when extra power is off, system will send message to your phone.
high battery -
Support 4 wired detector and 1 smart home device.
gsm alarm system (2)
home alarm system
You can set timing arm and timing disarm.
Timing arm and  disarm
Product Comparison:
Support 3 kinds of network, Wifi + PSTN(telephone line) + GSM network.
compare network
Adopt the upgrade GSM module, never lost GSM network, never delay phone call alarm.
5. GSM module
Upgrade screen, the screen will display more information.
4. Battery
Support Wired + Wireless detectors. 
wired detector
Package include:
product include - 1
1. Option "A" no power adpater inside,  Option from "B" to "J" have power adpater inside. 
2. No battery inside the wireless detector, you can buy the battery in your city, it is easy to buy.
Door / window open detector 
When detect the door or window is opened illegally, this door window detector will send wireless message to alarm host, then the alarm host will loud sound alarm !!! also send SMS and call your phone to tell you there is a alarm immediately.
433MHz wireless door detector
wireless door detector 433MHz - 副本 (2)
(This photo only to tell you how to install it, The actual product is the same as the main image)
Wireless infrared detector
When detect somebody movement, this motion sensor will send wireless message to trigger alarm system
433MHz wireless motion detector
433MHz wireless motion detector - 副本
433MHz wireless infrared detector - 副本
5V USB infrared detector - 副本
Smoke detector and gas leakage detector alarm.
wireless smoke detectorwireless gas detector
High & Low temperature detector. 433MHz Water leakage detector.
High low temperature alarms - 400 wireless water leakage detector




Brand Name : Earykong

Origin : CN(Origin)

Kit Configuration : Door/Window Sensor

Power : DC 12V

Output Number : 1 relay output

Video Interface : Yes

Display : Yes

Alarm Type : SMS

Alarm Type : PSTN

Alarm Type : Apps Control

Alarm Type : The Alarm

Size : 178mm*132mm*29mm

Model Number : WPG

Password Keyboard : Yes

Arming Type : APP

Connection Type : Wireless

Zone Number : 100 wireless defense + 4 wired defense

Frequency : 433MHz Wireless

Working Voltage : 110-240V US/EU/AU/UK (Optional)

Language : English/Russian/Spanish/France/Italian/Polish/Portuguese

zones : 100 wireless zones and 4 wired zones

type : Wifi & GSM & PSTN

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