Small NRF51822 Bluetooth 4.0BLE Module GT82C02

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Small NRF51822 Bluetooth 4.0BLE Module GT82C02

  • Use 2.54mm Stamp hole,Easy to weld on breadboard or customer target board for product pre-development.
  • All use brand inductance and capacitance components,Superior high frequency performance.
  • Small size,Size only 1.64*2.2CM.
  • Gold precipitation process,of excellent workmanship.



Nordic Semiconductor nRF51422 It is a single chip solution supporting multi-protocol,Widely used to include PC periphery、Internet TV Remote Controller、motion/Bodybuilding/Health sensor、Toys and Automation Applications.

Overview of performance

1)Cortex-M0 kernel,Single instruction32Bit multiplier,Three-stage pipeline,On chip256KB FLASH,16KB RAM,NVM(classEEPROM),32 individual GPIO.

2)Multi-protocol 2.4GHz Radio Frequency Transceiver. Support BLE,ANT、 Gazell™ And user-defined protocols。By setting registers, you can work with Nordic Existing nRF24L series IC Fully compatible in the air.

3)Sensitivity in Bluetooth low power mode is-92.5dB RX.

4)Software programmable output power,minimum-20dBm-,Maximum accessibility +4dBm Output power.

5)When inLDO-1.8VPower supply mode,output+4dBmPower Time,Operating current is only16mAMCU+RADIO),When inDC-DC3VPattern,output+4dBmPower Time,Operating current is only10.5mA. Low power consumption,It fits perfectly.3V Application of Button Battery Power Supply. See the comparison below.

6)sleep mode2uAElectric current.

7)Compliance with Bluetooth Low Power Consumption(Bluetooth 4.0 )standard.

8)field strength RSSI

9)Maximum data rate 2Mbps

1064Bit Device ID. BLE Can be used for identification

11)Powerful and low-power 32 position ARM Cortex-M0 processor,Start-up time is 2μs,and 8/16 Bit Processor Comparisons,Greatly reduced activity time and increased code density.

12)Refinement of Power Supply Management,Individual system can switch independently,It can control clock autonomously based on activity level.

13)Programmable peripheral interconnection (PPI) system. Through Event Task Mechanism,Peripheral devices such as radio frequency transceivers、Timer and ADCI/OThe interaction between the processor and the other is completely free from the involvement of the processor.,Improving system efficiency greatly,More energy-saving.

14)EfficientEasyDMARadio Frequency Transceiver Interface is Flexible RAM mapping FIFO.

15)Highly flexibleGPIO mapping. Most of the figures IO Users can customize pin location. Simplification PCB Design,Help to reduce the number of layers of wiring.

16)custom 2 Internal Storage Protection Device (MPU) Low power consumption for user programs and precompiled protocol stacks such as Bluetooth and Gazell™Runtime protection。 nRF51 Series software architecture has a unique and powerful partition between protocol stack and user application,Provide maximum flexibility for application developers、Developing Simplicity and Code Security.

17)The stack is 100% Asynchronous and event-driven,And provide thread security management program calls to the application layer (SVC) Application Program Interface (API),User-friendly understanding and Application.

18)Simple programming model,No dedicated application framework or scheduler/RTOS Dependency,YesCLanguage foundations can be developed quickly.

19)Protocol stack and application code have no link time dependency,It can be compiled and updated independently./programming;Stack Runtime Protected,Ensure interoperability and reduce the risk of application errors affecting the stack.

20nRF51 series IC Code and pin compatibility,Allow a basic code,Reuse in different projects. The benefits of pin compatibility are not only in development、Re-use of hardware design for different projects in prototyping and production processes,It can also be easily transferred to another sibling. IC.

21)OriginalTASKwithEVENTconcept,Operating chip peripherals are very convenient and concise,You only need to configure a fairly small number of registers.,It's easy to use all kinds of peripherals.


On-Chip Resources

1)256kB Flash memory and 16kB RAM 

2)Digital and Mixed Signal Periphery,Include On-chip temperature sensor、RNG(Random Number Generator)、10-bit ADC Orthogonal decoder

3)32 individual GPIO,Arbitrary pin has trigger interrupt function16 individualPPIpassageway

4)128-bit AES ECB/CCM/AARCoprocessor

5)3individual 32Bit timingCounter individua l24 position RTC2The highest achievable 400Kbps OfTWI2The most arrived8MbpsOfSPI,A maximum achievabl e1Mbps OfUART

6)On chip LDODC-DC,Wide power supply range 1.8-3.6V

7)On chip+/- 250 ppm 32kHZ RC oscillator,In Bluetooth Low Power Applications,No external need 32kHz crystal,Cost savings and board space savings,And32KHZClock source can be from16MHZSystem clock frequency division acquisition

8)6x6mm 48 foot QFN WCSPencapsulation,Provide maximum accessibility 32 individual GPIO