Stirling Engine Balance Engine Motor Model Heat Steam Education Diy Model Craft Discovery Alternator School Supplies Accessories

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Stirling Engine Balance Engine Motor Model Heat Steam Education Diy Model Craft Discovery Alternator School Supplies Accessories

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Parallel bars engine with LED lights, parallel bars engine without led lights, but still can generate electricity
Product Name: DIY Stryn engine type steam power.
Material: Metal.
Packing method: self sealing bag.
This is the steam dynamic model of DIY engine in Stryn, and the ability to do exercises.
You can show off to your little friend. " Look, I'm really great! I made it myself! "
This model is a little difficult to install.
It is a mode of training children's ability and mental ability. Installation requires patience, patience and patience.
Note: 95% alcohol, no water, no oil.
No use, kerosene, gasoline, oil, wine, candles.
Attention: alcohol needs to be done by yourself.  1. Alcohol burns more when used. 2. Use 95% alcohol 3. Do not add water or fuel. 4. Burn for 2 minutes 5. Kerosene, gasoline, lighter oil, liquor and candles should not be used. 6. Turn the flywheel to help start before starting. 7. Please note that if the belt is too tight, it will affect the engine rotation. Note: when you receive the package, if the glass tube is damaged, please don't worry, we will send you a new glass tube. If you have any problems, please contact customer service. Thank you!
This engine does not need to add water, dry-burning air expands to generate power.

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The greatest civilization of mankind was the first industrial revolution represented by the steam engine, so many people were curious about its principles. The second industrial revolution was represented by electricity. Aerodynamics is rich in physics knowledge, single cylinder external combustion engine. Visual engine principle puzzle toy teaching experimental equipment, love physics hair the same money to buy toys, I choose to help children learn, children themselves interested in learning is completely different from what we force to go. Hope that through this baby, students will be more interested in physics lessons.
Because the buyer's illegal operation caused the glass to break does say the reason of express delivery, requesting free reissue, so please check carefully on the day after receiving the goods, if there is any breakage, please leave a message on the day, the next day is invalid.
Summary of product non-work:
1. Did the small tube touch the big wall?
2. Whether the small test tube touches the front or the back when turning by hand
3. Recognize whether the glass is damaged or not
4. Needle barrel wall should not contain oil and water
5. Do not heat with candles
6. Pull the flywheel in 90 seconds
7. LED Start Up and Re-Install
8. Maintaining airway patency
Note 1: Alcohol lamp can not touch the heating cylinder (broken glass tube)
Note 2: Remove the alcohol lamp when adjusting the machine (anti-scalding)
Note 3: Oil at three moving points of copper head and crankshaft (faster rotation)
Note 4: Connecting rod and crankshaft should not be too stuck (not rotated)
Note 5: Do not add water (broken glass tube)




Origin : CN(Origin)

Model Number : DFBG-16

Subject : Physics

Type : Engine

Warning : Please use it accompanied by adults.

Size : 160 *87 *110 MM

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