WiFi Smart Touch Thermostat Temperature Controller for Water/Electric floor Heating Water/Gas APP Remote Control

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WiFi Smart Touch Thermostat Temperature Controller for Water/Electric floor Heating Water/Gas APP Remote Control


MC6 Smart Thermostat Over-view

The MC6 Smart Thermostat has the ability to allow your home even more comfortable and energy efficient. It connects via your router to your Smartphone allowing control of your Comfort-cooling, Heat-pump, Boiler or most other heating and cooling devices, often replacing your existing controls. Using your phone’s location, the GEO function automatically pre-cools or pre-heats whilst on your way home and even turns the cooling or heating system temperatures down when everybody has left. You can also manually control your cooling or heating system from wherever you are in the world with the Mobile App on your Smartphone or Tablet. Daily and weekly personalised Timer schedules allow automatic fixed Times and Temperatures to be programmed for easy day to day operation and energy saving.


Uses your phone’s location to automatically adjust the room temperature before you get home and reducing the room temperature when you are away.

Smart Schedule

Set personalised schedules with different temperatures at various times of the day to suit your needs.

Open Window function

The MC6 can detect an open window by registering a rapid drop in temperature. With the function enabled, the thermostat shuts off the heating for 30 minutes if an open window is detected.

Statistic Reports

Track your home temperature, humidity, and device activity with our live App reports.


Control multiple rooms separately or all together with the MC6 App.

Energy Saving Optimum Start

The MC6 calculates the amount of heat up time required to ensure your home is comfortable when you awake in the morning or return home. This is automatically optimised throughout the year to save money

Easy Upgrade

The MC6 has a firmware upgrade function via your internet connection. When a new update is available, your MC6 thermostat will auto/manually download and upgrade.

Auto Dimming

The MC6 Display can be programmed to automatically dim in low light – making the MC6 perfect for bedrooms.

Thermostat or Timer mode

The MC6 can work as a Timer and Room Thermostat or Timer (the MC6 ignores the room temperature and works as a ON/OFF Scheduled Timer – for example, to control multiple rooms or zones with their own independent temperature controls).

Easy operation

The MC6 controls the home heating/AC/heat pump system via connecting to your home Wi-Fi. Simply operate on the App


The MC6 thermostat can control multiple systems: For example: Boilers, Automatic Valves, Underfloor Heating, Radiator systems, Water heating, Electric heating, Fan Coils and Heat Pumps.

Multi Installation type


Certifications: CE/ISO9001/RoHS, recyclable packaging Power supply: AC 24/120/240V 50/60 Htz Interface: TFT LCD/320*480/3.5 inches/Capacitive touch Sensors: temperature/humidity/ambient light/remote probe Relay rating: 240V @ 16amp max Smart Schedule: 7days/weekday, weekend/24hours Dimensions (W x H x D): 96 * 86 * 31.5 mm / 3.78 x 3.38 x 0.52 inches Plastic: ABS / poly blend – UV stabilised and fire rated Weight: 85g / 0.187 lbs Warranty: 36 months Wireless connectivity: via the local Wi-Fi network with any 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz router Communications : Modbus RTU 9.6K, 1 stop bit, 8 data bits, 1 start bit. No parity. Data encryption: TLS 1.2 (SSL) Product material: PC + ABS plastic, PC plastic Languages: English / Chinese / Spain / Italian / Russian / Polish / Czech / German / French/ Slovenski/Swedish/Portuguese


For iOS 10, Android 5, or above

Smart Home Integration

MC6 can also be connected to other devices and services. Control, using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant ,Modbus RTU is an option for BA systems


Brand Name : TINTON LIFE

Indoor Machine Noise : <23dB

Use : ROOM

Cooling/Heating : Cooling/Heating

Power (W) : 10w

Voltage (V) : 220V

Grade : Grade 1

Air conditioning power : 1HP

External Noise (dB(A) : 57

Technique : Variable Frequency

Model Number : MC-6

Time to market : Jun-15

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