GOBOOST GSM Repeater 2G 3G 4G Cellular Signal Amplifier 4G Cellular Amplifier GSM 900 1800 2100 Mobile Signal Booster Repeater

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GOBOOST GSM Repeater 2G 3G 4G Cellular Signal Amplifier 4G Cellular Amplifier GSM 900 1800 2100 Mobile Signal Booster Repeater


LTE 4G DCS 1800MHZ Cellular Signal Amplifier LCD Display Mobile Phone Signal Booster Repeater Yagi+Whip Antenna Coaxial Cable 

4G LTE DCS 1800mhz Moblie phone Booster GSM 1800 Signal Repeater Cellular Cell phone Amplifier 4G Network 65dB Gain LCD Display

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Single band sigbal booster, four frequencies to choose.

Single band sigbal booster, four frequencies to choose.

Please check the frequency of your operator  before placing order.



GSM = 900mhz

Band5 = 850mhz

Band1 = 2100mhz

Band7 = 2600mhz

Band2 = 1900mhz

Band8 = EGSM 900mhz

Band3 = 1800mhz

Band20 = 800mhz

Band4 = 1700mhz

Band28 = 700mhz


Please leave a massage about which plug you need when place order.

If no messege left in the order, we would send the plug in accordance with our experience.



1. CDMA 850MHZ (band5) improve 2G or 3G 

2.GSM 900MHZ(GSM) improve 2G

3.DCS 1800MHZ (band3) improve LTE 4G/2G

4.UMTS/WCDMA 2100MHZ (band1) improve 3G

4G Signal Booster GSM 2G 3G 900 1800 2100 Repeater WCDMA Tri Band Lintratek kw20c gdw Cellular data LTE Cell phone AmplifierLintratek 70dB dual band 3G 4G 1800 2100mhz repeater 900 1800 GSM 2G 4G LTE cellular signal booster 2100mhz 3G amplifier ALC


Selling Point

1. This model GB17 have many frequency to choose, please test it first and choose the right frequency.It's suitable for Russia, Spain, France, Brazil, Europe, etc.

2. High gain 68dB.

3. Wide coverage. Cover 200~600 square meters without any barrier.

4.Mini Size but powerful

5.LCD display, indicate signal strength by yourself.

6.Upgrade board. Good filtering,precise frequency.

7.Low radiation. Make you safe.

8.Easy to install. Wall-mounted,more convenience and help you to decorate your home.

9.The metal case design is sturdy and durable. Bump heat dissipation design for better heat dissipation.

10.Supporting multiple phone users.


Mini Size But Powerful


LCD Display

Accurate display of outdoor signal strength, voltage conditions to make the data more accurate and more convenitent.


LCD Didplay tells you the signal status.


Situation A: If the empty signal box flashes, it proves that the signal wasn’t received successfully.

Situation B: If the signal shows a value of 80, it means that 80% of the signal is received.


Situation C: If the signal shows a value of 100, it means that 100% of the signal is received.

Situation D: If the signal grid is filled, it means that the device recieve full signal. Maybe self-oscillation. If the signal of your mobile phone is strengthened, that's perfect. If isn't, that means it's self-oscillation.


PS: If you have any other confused when you using it, please contact customer servive at once.

Larger Coverage Range ​​​​

Provide quick coverage solution for signal weak and block zones.

Up to 200-600sqm without barrier.

Saygoodbye to dropped calls and slow data connection. Suitable for all types of houses,such as living,loft,willa and so on.



Before And After Comparison


Wall-Mounted Design

Save space.Easy to install and decorate your home.


Upgrade Code

Upgrade the board, high-quality amplifier tube, precise frequency, clear call quality, faster internet access.


Metal case & Thermal design

The metal case design make it sturdy and durable. Bump heat dissipation design for better heat dissipation.



Where To Use

Beautiful Appearance: New style, big screen, unique design, is not only a cell phone signal booster but also an artwork. It can be used for apartment, hotel, office, basement of buildings, coffee shop and shopping mall etc.




What 's In Box



​With the difference frequency of the booster, antenna need to be match so that it can work.

If you need 1800mhz/2100mhz, we will sent with the 9 Unit Yagi antenna.

If you need 850mhz/900mhz,we will sent with the 5 Unit Yagi antenna.


The ceiling antenna is of 360° coverage, and the gain is higher than whip antenna which is directional coverage.You may installed the ceiling antenna in the place where you want to receive signal. Comparing with the whip antenna which only can install following to the booster, it's better.


Easy To Install



Step1:Search a position where can receive good signal(stronger than -70dB)Parallelly installing the outdoor antenna on that location,towards to the base station or cell tower.


Step2: Use 10m cable to connect the outdoor antenna and singal booster.Please ensure they were tightenned joints,connected well. Step3:Connect the indoor antenna and the singal booster.


Step4:After finished all parts then check weather all connectors well,then can turn on the power.


Two antennas need to separate by brick wall. The distance between them at least 10 meters.


GOBOOST Tri Band booster

Cellular amplifier improve gsm 2g 3g 4g internet & voice at the same time.
With FULL band yagi antenna.!Click picture as below to buy! 



Working Principle


The powerful antenna reaches out to access a good signal, and delivers it to the booster.


The booster receives the signal, amplifies it, and serves as a relay between your phone and the nearest cell tower.


Your devices get increased cell reception, and calls and data are fed through the booster back to the network.


Band Story


Common Problems

Question: no signal on the display and phone

Solution: adjust outdoor antenna, put it at a higher postion and make sure it could receive good signal from base station.Or please check the freqeuncy of your antenna, if you buy only booster from us. If the frequency doesn't match to the booster's, it could not work either.

Question: the display is blinking and signal light isn't on.

Solution: Also adjust outdoor antennna as above, because blinking means receiving signal is not stable. Adjust the position and direction of outdoor antenna until it stop working.

Queation: the signal is at maximum on booster but the signal on the phone does not improve at all

Solution: It is what we called "self-oscillation phenomenon". You need to increase the distance of indoor antenna and outdoor antenna and separae them with a brick wall. Make sure there is no opening area between them.

Question: The booster works properly but the signal light is not on

Solution: Maybe the cable is too long for the booster or the connection is not well. Please make sure all the antenna are connected well and tightly. It actually does n't matter too much as long as the device works well.

Any other problems about the product or installation, please contact us.

Thank you!


1. We could accept all the payment way accepted by AliExpress.

2.What you pay is for the product and shipping cost only, not including any tax. Please be aware of that whether need to pay tax or not, depends on the policy of your country, we certainly could not change it. If you could not accpt it, we do not suggest you to place order.


1. All the available ways are indicated at the page of product. We would send out the order as per your choice.

2.The parcel would be sent to the exact address that you fill in the order. In order to make you receive the parcel promptly and safely, please provide right contact info.

3.If you do not receive the parcel within the protection time, please contact us at the first time, we would check it for you or extend the protection time.

After-sale service

1. Please note that we always check and test the product twice before shipping and pack them well as far as possible. However we could not control anything during the long transit. Therefor, the product is broken at receiving, please contact us, we would resend you a new one.

2.Our product have one year warranty. But please be cooperative to provide video or pictures to show exact the problem, and listen our suggestions for the installation.

3.Any problem about the parcel or the prodcut, please feel free to contact us at the first time, we would be very glad to help and reply ASAP.


If you are satisfied with our service and product, we would be very appreciated that you put us five star and positive review. You could also recommend it to people who needs it. We would present coupon as little gift to you for thanks.





Brand Name : GOBOOST

Origin : CN(Origin)

Model Number : GB17

Frequency1 : UL:824-849MHz DL:869-894MHz

Frequency2 : UL:890-915MHz DL:935-960MHz

Frequency3 : UL:1710-1785MHz DL:1805-1880MHz

Frequency4 : UL:1920-1980MHz DL:2110-2170MHz

High Gain : 68dB

Output Power : 17dBm

Frequency Band : CDMA 850MHz; GSM 900MHz;LTE DCS 1800MHz;UMTS/WCDMA 2100MHz

Coverage : 200-600sqm

RF Connector : N-Female

Cellular Network : GSM 2G/3G/4G Signal

Accessories : Ceiling+Yagi Antenna,10m Coaxial Cable,Plug

Impedance : 50 ohm

Power Supply : AC:100~240V, 50/ 60Hz, DC:5V 1A

Function : Booster signal cellular cell phones signal Amplifier 4g 3g 2g

Feature : LCD display to show the signal status;Upgrade Code;Heat dissipation;

GOBOOST : GOBOOST booster 4g cellular signal amplifier 4g

Suitable for : Russia, Spain, France, Brazil, Europe, etc.

Upgrade Version 3.0 : GOBOOST upgrade board

Signal booster : gsm 2g 3g 4g signal booster repeater

GSM amplifier : Mobile signal amplifier cellular repeater

Cellular Amplifier : GSM repeater 2g 3g 4g signal booster

External Antenna : gsm 2g 3g 4g booster 13dBi Yagi Antenna

Internal Antenna : Ceiling antenna 2g 3g 4g connect cellular amplifier

Coaxial Antenna : 10 meters coaxial antenna kit

Internet Antenna : Repeater gsm 2g 3g 4g ceiling antenna

band3 1800 LTE DCS repeater : Improve lte 4g voice & internet

band1 2100 umts cellular amplifier : Improve umts 2100 3g mobile phone voice & network

GSM 900 signal booster : Improve gsm 900 2g voice & internet

850mhz band5 amplifier : Improve gsm 2g/3g network & voice

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