MLA-30+ (plus) 0.5-30MHz Ring Active Receive Antenna Low Noise Medium Short Wave SDR Loop Antenna Short Wave Radio Antenna

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MLA-30+ (plus) 0.5-30MHz Ring Active Receive Antenna Low Noise Medium Short Wave SDR Loop Antenna Short Wave Radio Antenna



MLA-30+ (plus) Active Loop Antenna Active Receiving Antenna 0.5-30MHz for Medium Wave Shortwave Radio
Description: The MLA-30+ (plus) loop antenna is a popular broadband antenna. It is an effective antenna for short-wave listeners (SWL) and amateur radio enthusiasts (HAM) to receive medium-wave and short-wave in limited living areas. Frequency covers from 0.5MHz to 30 MHz. Excellent directionality can help reduce noise and improve SNR ratio, and can dig out weak signals that are overwhelmed by noise when conventional antennas are received.
The MLA-30+ (plus) loop antenna can be easily installed on balconies, rooftops, and other places, featuring compact size.
Another advantage of the MLA-30+ (plus) loop antenna is that it is directional. By rotating the antenna, the antenna's dummy point is aligned with the interference signal so that the specific near-field interference can be minimized.
Details:*Do not connect it to the transmitter as it will cause the preamplifier to be damaged.* Local radiation noise suppression up to 30 dB compared to long-haul antennas* 8-shaped patterning provides deep dummy points to further reduce interference*Main coverage: 0.5MHz to 30 MHz* USB power supply makes it convenient to be powered. Self-contained feeders simplify the installation process.*Simple structure enables easy installation to your balcony, rooftop and other locations.* No manual adjustment required.* Modular design for easy installation and maintenance.* Stainless steel ring-shaped vibrator makes it easy to install and to maintain.* Rainproof shell for long-term outdoor uses.
Package Included:- 1 x Antenna Amplifier with 10M Cable- 1 x Stainless Steel Vibrator- 1 x Bias Tee- 1 x USB Cable 0.8m  - 1 x SMA Jumper Cable 60cm- 2 x Stainless Steel Fixing Screws
- Optional color for bias tee: Black, White. Please tell us the color you want when purchasing, or bias tee will be delivered at random.
- Need to prepare a PVC tube in any diameter for support. Please pay attention to its strength. You can use existing bamboo poles, wooden poles also. Please not use metal rods. 





Brand Name : LISCN

Item Type : Active antenna

Model Number : MLA-30+

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