80A 100A 120A 18650 24V battery pack Samrt BMS LiFePO4 24V 8S Bluetooth USB device CAN NTC UART Batteries conn

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80A 100A 120A 18650 24V battery pack Samrt BMS LiFePO4 24V 8S Bluetooth USB device CAN NTC UART Batteries conn


High 80A 100A 120A   smart BMS 8S 3.2V Bluetooth APP 24V  485 to USB device CAN NTC  UART  LiFePO4 LTO  Batteries2.3V/2.4V conn


◆ Currently, all Smart BMS without the waterproof function.

◆ This link is for 8S LiFePO4.

◆   This link inlcuding the UART cable and bluetooth if you buy the BMS

If you need USB R485 cable & power display board ( active BMS board), Please contact me or  use other link to buy it. Thanks a lot.


Cut in :7/1 2020, Cutomer place the new order, the APP program has been completely updated to cover Iphone and Android.


◆ UART  : it is Daly normal product.  UART is UniversalAsynchronousReceiver/Transmitter, It transforms the data to be transmitted between serial communication and parallel communication. As a chip to convert parallel input signals into serial output signals, UART is usually integrated into other communication interfaces. 

◆ 485: Please choose the model UART 485 of Daly. RS-485 adopts balanced transmission and differential reception, so it has the ability to suppress common mode interference.

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1. DL8S 24V Smart BMS  150A 200A 250A  bms  can be used to 8S Li ion or LiFePO4 or LTO battery pack.  Customer can adjust the paramter of overcharge or overdischarge the parameter sitting & other parameter if customer need to use which type battery for the same series battery.
◆ This link is for 8S LiFePO4.
Customer need to identify the battery's series, then choose the same series BMS. Such as your battery is 24S, you must choose 24S BMS, can not choose 20 or other one. The number of  series of BMS is  fixed ,not adjustable once the BMS is shipped out .
◆Control instructions: remote control device monitoring.
◆Vehicle icon: data transmission send command
◆Statistical report: Collect the data information, the customer can monitor the battery capacity & other alarm infomation.
◆Electronic fence: fence setting limit range.
◆Device information: device parameter information, etc.
The information on your battery can be checked on your host computer, then you can monitor your battery status anytime. Which is easly control your device. Smart BMS make our life to become easy.
Host Computer Display:
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Bluetooth Display:
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Smart 8S BMS size as below:


Use top quality (A-level) protective integrated circuit IC, from the solution of Seiko of Japan. IC itself has power balancing function. The circuit is simple and reliable.

◆Strong load ability, constant discharge current 80A 100A 120A  150A 250A, , use high voltage resistance, low inner resistance power Mosfet. The heat sink will greatly help cooling.

◆Typical voltage detection for each cell. So each battery will be prevented over charged or over discharged. Over current and short circuit protection function is very reliable.Long time short circuit of the load won’t affect the PCB and the battery.Temperature protection during charging and discharging.
◆Extreme low power consumption. The consumption of the whole device is less than 50uA.
◆PCB use high anti-corrosion, high water resistance, high impedance ESD conformal Coating.
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3. The Common Port Wire Connection Way as Below:
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 The cable starts from the black thin wire connecting B-, the second wire (the thin red wire) is connected to the positive pole of the first battery, and the positive pole of each battery is connected in turn until the last red wire is connected to B+;

 After connecting the wire, mustn't insert the plug directly into the BMS. Measure the voltage between each two adjacent metal terminals on the back of the plug. If the voltage of the terpolymer battery should be between 2.8V and 4.2V, the iron-lithium battery should be between 2.5V and 3.65V.

After correct wiring sequence and voltage confirmation, insert the BMS socket.

 The protective board B line (blue thick line) is connected to the negative pole of the battery pack.

 After the wiring is completed, measure whether the total voltage of the battery pack and the total voltage passing through the BMS are equal. If they are different, check again according to the above wiring sequence.

4. The BMS can be used to below tools:
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Daly Factory certification:
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Daly Factory workshop display:
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5.  The package picture as below only for reference, Please refer to the actual received phyical . The cable is free. Daly will
send it to customer with BMS.
Remark: The accessary is according to your order, this picture is only for reference. Thanks.
6. Daly has his own R & D team & Automachine production line. Not only does Daly have a hardware board, but now Smart BMSs are on the market. Daly's product quality has been tested by the market and customers can choose it which is right decision.
Factory address: No.92, Lihe Road,ShuiPing Village Dalang Town,Dongguan City, Guangdong Province ,China 523800                                                                                                                                                                         





Brand Name : DALY

Certification : CE

Certification : FCC

Certification : RoHS

Certification : PSE

Accessory Type : Battery Accessories

Origin : CN(Origin)

Color : Red

Applications : 3.2V lithium battery rated

Battery series : 8S

Over charge protection : Yes

Over discharge voltage : Yes

Short circuit protection : Yes

Balance function : Yes

Bluetooth : according to Cusotmer need

GPS : according to Cusotmer need

RS-485 : according to Cusotmer need

CAN : according to Cusotmer need

Accessory : Wire cable is free